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App Inventor Tips & Tricks

  • Making comments
  • Add a note to blocks in your code to let you and others know what you were doing. Comments can be added by right clicking on a block and selecting the Add a Comment option. Your comment will now be saved and can be accessed by clicking on the question mark at the top right of the block.

  • Condensing blocks
  • Click a button on a group of blocks to condense them and allow you to have more space available on your screen. Condensing can be done by right clicking and selecting the Collapse Blocks option.

  • Typeblocking
  • Know the name of the block you need? Click on the screen and start typing it's name in. This should cause a list of blocks with the matching titles to the typed word to appear. For more help on this trick, check out the typeblocking page.

  • Fast deletion
  • Instead of dragging your block or blocks to the trashcan in the lower left corner, just select them by clicking your mouse and hit the delete key.

  • Copy-pasting
  • If there are certain blocks you will need again, just copy and paste the blocks.