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Have a Programming Question or Problem Using the App Inventor Service?

Please visit the MIT App Inventor Forum.

The kind people there devote many hours each day and will be able to answer questions/problems of this type. All programming questions received through this form will be referred to the forum - you will not receive a personal response to questions of this kind.

Use This Form ONLY For:

  • Stories to Share — Have a story about your use of MIT App Inventor that you think the rest of the community would like to hear about? Please share it with us. You can see examples of other stories on our Stories and News & Events pages. Stories that include video or still images are even better!

  • Website Feedback — This is for feedback about problems on content pages only, not for feedback about the MIT App Inventor service. Typos, logic errors in tutorials, broken links, etc., are all fair game. A programming problem or problem getting to the programming environment is not fair game here – for those problems, please report them in the forum.

  • Press Inquiry — If you'd like to learn more about MIT App Inventor or pitch an idea for a story that we could be a part of, please contact us through this form.

  • Collaboration — We are actively seeking new funding sources and collaborators. Use this form to open a dialog about such opportunities.